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New To Elated Canine? Our training philosophy is pretty simple... we do what it takes to make your life with your dog a happy one! We focus on relationship building and growing confidence in both yourself and your dog. 

Tell us more about your dog and your situation below and we will be in touch with more information on which program would be most appropriate for your dog.

Training For A Busy Life! Additional Options On Request! Contact Us For More Info.

  • Day Camp

    Every month
    Perfect for those owners who don't have time for classes.
     1 day free trial
    • Training For A Busy Life!!
    • Every week on your specified day from 7am-3pm or 8am-4pm.
    • Do you wish you could train your dog but time is limited?
    • Are you feeling overwhelmed because he just isn't listening?
    • Drop your dog off here in the AM and pick him up by dinner.
    • Your dog will thrive off of the structure we provide.
    • He will love learning from other dogs on our pack walks.
    • Your dog will learn Thresholds, Socialize properly, Recall,
    • How to settle, Walk nicely on a leash, Greet people properly
  • Balanced Pup Private

    Is your dog fearful or does he misbehave on leash?
    Valid for 12 months
    • Private In-Person Lessons
    • Imagine being able to walk your dog down the road calmly
    • Imagine your dog having more proper behavior in your home
    • Imagine your dog listening to commands in your home
    • Imagine having friends over without your dog losing his mind
    • Imagine your dog listening when you ask them to come
    • Benefits: Stop barking/ pulling/ fresh behavior
    • Unlimited Phone & Email Support For This Dog
    • Training Notes To Help Practice In Between Sessions
    • Limited tools included - Remote Collar not included.
  • Basic Manners

    Do you have a few behaviors you need help with?
    Valid for 6 months
    • Imagine being able to walk your dog down the road calmly
    • Imagine your dog having more proper behavior in your home
    • Imagine your dog listening to commands in your home
    • Benefits: Proper walks, calm behavior, listening to commands
    • 3 sessions of 1 hour. For MINOR behavior ONLY!
    • No tools included in pricing.
  • Puppy Basics

    Did you just bring a puppy home? This package is for you!
    Valid for 12 months
    • Do You Want Your Puppy To Be The Best He Can Be?
    • Do You Want To Start Out On The Right Foot?
    • 6 Private Lessons To Get Your Pup Started Right
    • Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Place
    • Puppy Biting, Potty Training
    • Loose Leash Walking And Socializing
    • Games To Keep Your Pup Active And Learning
    • For dogs no older than 8 months old
  • 2 Week Board & Train

    Contact Us For An Evaluation And Pricing
    Valid for one year
    • Want a well trained dog but don't have the time?
    • Come When Called, Sit, Down, Place, Leash Walking, Attention
    • No Barking, Biting, Jumping, Anxious Behaviors
    • House Breaking, Crate Training, Manners
    • Waiting At Doors and For Food
    • Socialization with People and Dogs
    • Work Through Fear/ Anxiety, Travel In The Car
    • 14 days of me training your dog, 2 go home sessions
    • 2 weekly progress reports in video and email format
    • Training Equipment Included, Lifetime Phone & Email Support
    • Free Pack Walks And Group Classes For Life
    • Free Follow Up Private Training For 6 Months
  • Puppy Starter Class

    For Puppies under 24 weeks
    Valid for 6 months
    • How do I get my puppy off on the right foot? This is it!
    • Do You Want To Be Able To Take Your Dog Everywhere With You?
    • Help your puppy become the best adult possible!
    • Focusing on food lure training, socialization and grooming.
    • Also including potty training and crate training.
    • And curbing unwanted puppy behavior.
    • 6 families per class.
    • 6 weeks of group classes.
  • Beginner Breakdown

    Group Class for dogs over 24 weeks
    Valid for 6 months
    • This class focuses on the beginning steps of training.
    • If your dog has never taken a class before, let's go!
    • Learn how to keep your dog's leash loose while walking.
    • Teach sit, down, come, wait, leave it, out and a few others.
    • Teach all commands with increasing levels of distraction.
    • 6 week course.
    • This class is not for major behavioral problems.
  • Distinctive Dog

    Group Class for Dogs with Behavioral Difficulties
    Valid for 6 months
    • For adult dogs with behavior problems.
    • MUST have either a virtual or in person eval before class.
    • This class focuses on gaining better control of your dog.
    • You will learn how to have a better experience on walks.
    • You will get better listening from your dog.
    • You will gain a better relationship with your dog.
    • You will learn a few commands that help in all areas.
    • 7 week course. First week is HUMAN Only!
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